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Accidental Creative

Todd Henry is on a mission. He believes that the best creative work is the result of happy accidents, encouraged by the inputs, stimulus, circumstances and daily rhythm that we provide for ourselves. In other words, to keep creativity vibrant and productive in ourselves — in his words “to thrive” — we need to a) understand the forces and cycles that play upon us, and b) arrange our lives for maximum positive creative impact.

His blog and podcasts have recently touched on a number of topics of significance to all creatives (and by creative, we are really talking about any kind of knowledge worker) including: blocks, fear, creative dissonance, imitation, rest and expectations. His motto: “Cover bands don’t change the world, you have to find your own unique voice.”

What Todd provides on his website, blog, podcasts and email newsletters is good advice on how to approach the creative life. Many of his podcasts are free, however, to get all the goodies you’ll need to become a member at $4.95/mo or $45/year. Not too painful considering that you can download all the missing podcasts and even his audio course: “30 Days to Creative Rhythm” right after joining.

The other thing I like about his work is that it is an almost perfect example of how to set up a website / blog / podcast / community forum / paid subscription model. His site has a clean look and lots of tasty features (thanks to Joomla! and various plug-ins) and I just find it refreshing to experience execution this good. I’m still too new to the site to know what Todd has in store on the other end of his sales funnel, but whatever it is, I’m probably buying.

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