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Buy AppleCare, Always

I’ve bought six Macintosh computers over the last five years and have paid for AppleCare on every one of them. I’ll tell anyone who asks, “Yes, you want AppleCare.” At the Genius Bar, you’ll be treated like someone of above-average intelligence rather than being left to feel that you are inadequate and unworthy.

I once accosted someone in line at the Apple Store, a Mom, buying her daughter a laptop for college: “You know, you really *do* want the AppleCare.” She didn’t care that she was buying into 3-years of guaranteed utility, or seem concerned that all things (even great things like Macs) can sometimes break. She just didn’t want to spend the stinking 200 bucks. She has my pity.

Just last Friday afternoon, I trundled into my office/studio and found it ominously quiet. The trusty G5 PowerMac, nearing its 3-year mark, was not making its usual jet-engine sound and the screen was dark. No power light. Odd. After checking the power switch, cables, power outlet and everything else I could think of, I made an appointment for the Genius Bar. While I was waiting, I ogled a bit over the new Mac Pro systems. Dang! Why do they have to be *so* much faster than my (now relatively impotent) dual G5?

With only 37 days left on my 3-year AppleCare contract, the technician informed me that the liquid cooling system had leaked all over the inside of the computer, corroding and destroying the motherboard, one of the processors, the power supply and the case. It was a total loss. It would have to be replaced by a new system with approximately the same configuration.

“You mean… are you saying… I get a new Mac Pro?”

“Yeah, do you want the base 2.66Ghz model or do you want to pay the $1500 difference for the 3Ghz model?”

“Huh? Uh, the 2.66Ghz model will be fine.” (I’m thinking 6 times faster than my G5 is more than adequate.)

Aside from now fully understanding why Apple abandoned the G5 for Intel chips, I am again completely sold on AppleCare. I don’t know whether my experience is common or not, but this is not the first time that AppleCare has saved me a ton of cash. I recommend it.

Life is good.